Angular JS

AngularJS Test Blog Part I

AngularJS is a pretty cool javascript framework I am currently working with. So I decided to write some little tutorials on how to use it and this is the first part of it. The result will be something very simple but similar to a blog.

One blog entry shall consist of title, author, date, tag and the text content itself.

At first it’s needed to download AngularJS 1 here.


C# HSB – RGB vv conversion

To demonstrate the correct conversion from HSB to RGB in case of hue lamps I will show you some code out of a little sample programm of mine. But to understand why i did this and how it works i want to give you a little bit of background information to this topic.

The background:
The hue lamp can display colors out of two colorsystems: HSB/HSV and CIE 1931 xyY, while xyY consists of two values from 0-1 with floating point that display a point on the color systems color palette. This color system is very hard to display in a canvas cause of the proportions of the xy values.


Simple C# Logger

This sample should show how easy it is to write a simple logger for your own needs. It will save several logs you definded by class in the logger repository so you can resolve logs from different classes just by searching one list. I think the easiest way is just to show the source code, I think it’s really easy to understand.

At first of all there should be a simple enum to represent the log types. You can add any other types of your need. Later every logger entry will get one of these types.